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American Rye: A Guide to the Nation’s Original Spirit

American Rye: A Guide to the Nation’s Original Spirit

$ 29.95


Author: Clay Risen

Publisher: Scott & Nix

Format: Hardcover with o-band

Size: 5 x 9"

Pages: 266

ISBN: 978-1-935622-75-8

Price: $29.95

What is going on with rye whiskey? Suddenly it seems, bourbon drinkers are turning to rye as their drink of choice. And just as suddenly, the market is flooding with new offerings of this “old fashioned” spirit. Bartenders have long relied on its spicy and
herbaceous flavors—and the high proof—for cocktails. But the growth from just a few brands 10 years ago to several hundred today is unprecedented in the spirits world. Why rye? What separates it from bourbon, Tennessee, and single malt whiskey? What is “Pennsylvania” and “Maryland-style” rye? How do you pick the right rye for your weekend cocktails and which rye might one reserve for siping with a close friend? And what are the best value for money selections? 

Now author and spirits expert Clay Risen brings an authoritative road map to the phenomena of rye. Risen says, “I’m fascinated by the revival of rye whiskey and its storied history in the United States. The bourbon boom has grown and grown over the past 20-plus years but the explosive growth of rye is astonishing. I needed to understand why and to parse the long list of new brands to a managable number of important producers. And sample and rate them all, of course.” 

In a detailed introduction, American Rye: A Guide to the Nation’s First Spirit offers readers a history of rye, how it’s distilled and aged, and how it earns its distinguishing qualities. Sections include info on how to read a whiskey label and how to have a whiskey tasting with friends. Individual whiskey accounts follow the introduction organized alphabetically by distillery and brand. More than 225 rye “expressions” are covered and include ABV (alcohol by volume), age, average price, tasting notes (nose, palate, finish), and are rated on a four-star scale. Over the course of 18 months, the author and a group of experts “blind tasted” each and every one—a first for a spirits book of this scale. The result is a groundbreakingly innovative and invaluable asset for the whiskey lover navigating the modern world of American rye. 

Critical Acclaim for American Whiskey, Bourbon & Rye

 “A comprehensive and opinionated guide for the intermediate tippler…It’s a detailed, admirably cranky directory. Risen’s tasting notes for each are erudite
and fun.”

—Wall Street Journal

 “Risen is something of a Renaissance man…a Leonardo da Vinci of whiskey. American Whiskey, Bourbon & Rye…should have a proud place on the bookshelf (or by the bar) of anyone who is an enthusiast of bourbon and other American whiskeys. Very useful for shopping purposes…Bring this book with you.”

—Los Angeles Review of Books

 “Risen delicately walks readers into whiskey’s past, present, and future.…His words are meant for whiskey lovers, as he dissects every brand’s story and scores products on an NR (not recommended) to four-star scale. An American whiskey treasure worthy of four stars.”

—Whiskey Advocate

 “A whiskey novice’s best friend...It’s a book I plan on keeping around for constant reference.”