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Trout of North America 2019 Calendar

Trout of North America 2019 Calendar

$ 15.99

Illustrator: Joseph R. Tomelleri

Publisher: Scott & Nix, Inc. and Workman

ISBN: 978-1-5235-0347-6

 A Celebration of trout!

Praise for the artistry of Joseph R. Tomelleri: 

“Joseph Tomelleri is the best fish illustrator I’ve ever seen. Period.”—Gary Soucie, Audubon 

“Amazing illustrations…[His] fish shimmer on the pages.” —Publishers Weekly 

David Allen Sibley calls his work “stunning,” and bestselling fishing author John Geirach writes, “Tomelleri’s illustrations just have to be seen to be believed.”

The fishportraits of Joseph R. Tomelleri are one of a kind and pure pleasure for anglers. Here are a dozen trout and salmon drawn with their shimmering hues, beautiful patterns, and distinctive silhouettes captured down to the finest details. The iridescent coastal rainbow trout suffused with pinks and blues. The rare and spotless Paiute cutthroat trout, bronze and gold along its flanks, inhabiting small, protected streams in the Sierra Nevada. The bronze-backed coho salmon, a hard-fighting acrobat when caught on a rod-and-reel. Every image is accompanied by a detailed natural history and habitat information for the featured fish, as well as a color range map and hatch charts of mayflies and caddis flies. It’s a tribute to the passion and the soul of the angler.