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Dogs Playing Poker Kit

Dogs Playing Poker Kit

$ 24.95

Author: Stan Friedman

Publisher: Scott & Nix, Inc.

This deluxe set of poker paraphernalia is perfect for any well-heeled dog looking to host an evening of friendly gaming. Complemented by the iconic masterpieces of turn-of-the-century artist C. M. Coolidge—familiar to any canine who's spent time in a basement rec room or friendly neighborhood pub—this kit contains everything the sporting dog needs to play the ultimate games of skill and chance. The Dogs Playing Poker Kit combines impeccable attention to detail and design with quality chips, original playing cards, and a superb book about the greatest game in the world, making it the ultimate accessory for the discriminating dog of any breed. 

Kit contains:

Poker Unleashed: A Guide to Man's Best Game by Stan Friedman. This info-packed tome lays bare the origins of poker and discusses the essential rules of each of its most famous variations—five card stud, draw, Omaha, and of course, the top dog of all poker games, Texas Hold 'Em. Included are sections on strategy, bluffing, poker odds, how to stop a cheat, online gaming, and much more.

200 Premium 4-gram poker chips—100 white, 50 red, 50 blue—all nestled in luxurious green felt. Perfect for a table of up to five sporting dogs.

2 laminated decks of highly collectible Coolidge-inspired playing cards, each with 2 jokers and a "cheat card" displaying the rand of poker hands. With these decks in your paws, you'll be the envy of the neighborhood pack.

6 quality postcards featuring the immortal works of C. M. "Cash" Coolidge. Mail them out the old-fashioned way to invite your dogs over for poker night.