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God’s Gift to Women (eBook)

God’s Gift to Women (eBook)

$ 12.99

Author: Stanford Friedman

Publisher: Scott & Nix, Inc.


Some relationships you just can’t outrun. A marathoner learns this lesson the hard way in God’s Gift to Women, the debut ebook by Stanford Friedman.God’s Gift to Women follows a self-absorbed Manhattanite named Scott on a long jog: the 1995 New York City Marathon. As the story traces his misguided, five hour trek through the streets of the five boroughs on the coldest race day ever, it simultaneously delves into Scott’s memories of a dozen past and present lovers, dead and alive. If the book’s title takes a jab at its protagonist’s obsessions, it also foreshadows his epiphany: God’s real gift to women is that, if all goes well, they outlast their men.God’s Gift to Women is an agile, poetic story of a man coming to terms with his past even as his mind and body race toward an uncertain future.


“How often his body had betrayed him. Not merely the tears, but the nervous sweat, the sweat from spicy food, the snot, the pin pricked drops of blood. It’s as though he’s been full of holes his entire life.”


“Stanford Friedman’s book is full of insight into what makes the modern male tick. The struggle between freedom and commitment, alienation and love, is brought forth in prose that delights with its mellifluous delicacy. God’s Gift to Women is also very funny, at time even slapstick, with a fine ear for how men and women communicate—or fail to—today.”

—Nancy Jo Sales, contributing editor, Vanity Fair


God’s Gift to Women reminds me of Nick Hornsby’s High Fidelity—except instead of a tale about a man’s obsession with music, we get a book about a man’s obsession with the opposite sex. I’d call this novel ‘guy lit’ but it’s too smart, too knowing, too literary for that. Really, it’s a 30-something male’s coming of age story. Anyone of either sex who feels confounded by love, dating and what it all ultimately means will love this book.”

—Paula Derrow, editor, Behind the Bedroom Door: Getting It, Giving It, Loving It, Missing It.