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Classic Flyfishing Patterns Poster

Classic Flyfishing Patterns Poster

$ 24.95

Illustrator: Ernest G. Schwiebert, Jr.

Publisher: Scott & Nix, Inc.

Size: 18 × 24"


Illustrated by Ernest Schwiebert. Featuring dozens of delicate illustrations of classic mayfly and caddis fly patterns, this exquisite collection showcases an array of flyfishing essentials. With meticulously rendered pencil drawings of both artificial wet and dry flies used across North America—including full-hackled duns, emergers, spinners, and larvae—each illustration exemplifies the artist’s high level of attention to detail. From the Great Leadwing Coachman and Pale Yellow Drake to the Dark Hendrickson, each fly is clearly labeled and guaranteed to fascinate fly anglers at any level of experience. Beautifully reproduced in full color, this handsome display is a fantastic reference for any fisherman. 18 x 24" poster, printed in full-color on 100-lb matte paper.