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Sunfishes of North America Poster

Sunfishes of North America Poster

$ 24.95

Illustrator: Joseph R. Tomelleri

Publisher: Scott & Nix, Inc.

Size: 18 × 24"


The sunfishes are among the most colorful and common fishes in North America. They are found in freshwater habitats across the continent and the larger species—bluegill, redear sunfish, crappie, and rock bass—are a favorite with anglers both for their tenacity and for how easy it can be to catch them. For many anglers, it’s the very first type of fish they ever caught, bringing back memories of lazy summer afternoons at the local fishing hole with with a rod, bobber, and a can of worms.

Seventeen types of sunfishes by master illustrator Joseph R. Tomelleri are reproduced here all in relative scale. Species include: pumpkinseed, bluegill, spotted sunfish, orangespotted sunfish, redspotted sunfish, longear sunfish, redear sunfish, dollar sunfish, warmouth, redbreast sunfish, green sunfish, rock bass, flier, shadow bass, Ozark bass, black crappie, and white crappie.

Shipped in a heavy duty poster tube, this beautiful wall poster is perfect for identification of all the “sunnies” and will enhance any angler’s wall. It’s a celebration of America’s best-loved fishes.